The choice of Rome for EMG 2007 has been welcomed with enthusiasm, not only by the National and International Jewish community, but also by Rome's local Jewish community. The Commune, the Province, the District and the Italian Government have supported this opportunity enthusiastically and unconditionally.

The underlying theme of the roman edition of the EMG is the universality of the experience of the integration of the roman and Italian Jews in the history of the Jews: a long lasting and profitable exchange with local culture is a constant phenomenon in the history of the Jewish people; this type of exchange in Italy, and in Rome in particular, is in its purest and highest form. The old and traditional Jewish presence in Rome is a prime example of a people who has always lived intensely with religious adherence and a strong sense of national identity. During EMG 2007 this theme will be represented through cultural activities related to sport and the Games, such as: congresses, conferences and exhibitions. The EMG logo demonstrates this theme by showcasing the six-pointed Star of David superimposed over Rome's world-famous landmark - the Coliseum.

The EMG-Rome 2007 will take place over 8 days, from 4 July to 12 July, 2007. The weather, the comfortable temperature and the absence of rain make this the ideal time of year for sports competition in Rome. The long days during this time of year mean the best possible sporting conditions for the matches that will be played outside. Since July marks the end of the school year and the beginning of summer holidays in Italy and across the globe, many athletes and others should find this a convenient time to participate in the Games and to travel to Italy. 16 sports are being planned and 38 countries are expected to participate with over 2000 athletes in EMG Rome 2007.

Each of the sport venues will be equipped with the facilities required by athletes, technicians, VIPs, sponsors, media and event organizers. The opening ceremony will take place in the Stadio "Nando Martellini" - Terme di Caracalla.

The organization of the EMG will be in close collaboration with CONI; in addition, EMG will not take place without the assistance and cooperation of National Sport Federations and the European Maccabi Confederation.